Rebecca Salen

Wellbeing Lead


The Context


Life as a consultant can be very demanding and often teams can go through the day without taking a break, if this goes on for an extended period it easily leads to burn out, we have many reactive measures to support our colleagues through this, however we wanted to find a solution that can proactively help prevent burn out. Additionally, the work we do often requires creative thinking to solve complex problems, and evidence shows that taking a break can boost productivity and aid creative thinking. 

The Solution


In Deloitte Digital, our office is an open agile working space which is also in very high demand – meaning it can be a challenge for our employees to access a quiet space if they need a moment for themselves. We needed to create a space in the office where our colleagues can go to decompress and de-stress, and the AWOL pod is the perfect solution. By creating a dedicated Wellbeing space in the office, and filling it with tech, fidget toys & books, we’ve seen our people take time for themselves to improve their happiness, manage their stress, and boost their creativity. We’ve used the AWOL Pod to start a dialogue about self care and preventing burn out in the office, and the Pod’s presence acts as a physical reminder for our teams every day, that its okay to take a break. Thank you AWOL.  


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